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Surveyors are responsible for measuring the earth's surface and locating exact points. To do this they use skills in science, mathematics and history. Surveyors have been around for a long time and have helped shaped history. For instance, Three of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore started as surveyors. When the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on February 1, 2003, the debris was scattered across 40 counties. Surveyors aided NASA by using their GPS equipment to help locate the debris so that scientists could reconstruct the accident. Surveyors are involved in many aspects of our daily lives: they are needed everywhere from construction sites to accident scenes; they measure the ocean and other waterways to ensure safe passage for boats. These are just a few examples of what Surveyors do.

Surveying is an exciting career that uses high-tech equipment; including satellites, GPS and 3D laser scanners. Surveyors are always looking for new technology to enhance their daily work environment. They apply concepts and skills developed in math, science, history and law classes.

Check out this cool video about surveying!


Why Choose the Profession of Surveying & Mapping?

A Diverse Profession

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "the number of jobs for Surveyors and Mapping scientists is expected to increase 10%- 20% by 2012."

Surveying and Mapping is a diverse profession that allows you to tailor your work life with what you enjoy doing in your daily life. If you enjoy being outdoors then you can include that in your daily work schedule by spending time out in the field. The study of Geomatics encompasses the field of surveying and mapping, an exciting profession that utilizes cutting edge technology to measure the features of the earth in order to establish the location of property lines, ensure the accuracy of construction projects, and produce updated maps used by engineers, architects, lawyers and countless other professionals.

Diversity: Geomatics encompasses several areas of learning which includes: law, computers science, math, environmental studies, and business.

Success: With such a growing demand, Surveyors and Mappers can expect lucrative career opportunities for years to come. The Geomatics Programs at the University of Florida and Florida Atlantic University will put you on the path to great success! Visit the University of Florida Geomatics website or Florida Atlantic University website to learn more.

Graduates are in demand and can expect:

Don’t forget there are multiple scholarship opportunities available to students!

How to Become a Licensed Professional Surveyor and Mapper

How to Become an Office or Field Technician

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "the number of jobs for surveying technicians is expected to increase 21%- 35% by 2012."

There is also a tremendous need for field and office technicians in the Surveying and Mapping industry as well as licensed professionals. There are wonderful opportunities for Survey Field Technicians, including job advancement and competitive pay.

If you are adventurous and enjoy the outdoors or like computers and have an interest in computer drafting, these are great career paths for you!

Florida Training Services, Inc. (FTS)

A new Surveying and Mapping Technicians Career Development Program has been created by FTS Inc. to provide surveying firms with a means to train existing and future workforce. This program was developed by Dwight Foster to provide survey firms with a means to train their existing and future workforce. This formal educational program will provide the technician with training that will lead to career advancement and documented credentials.

This is a Registered Apprenticeship Program which has tailored its curriculum to provide broad education of Surveying and Mapping but also to help prepare the individual for the Certified Survey Technician (CST) testing.