2018 Conference Recap

The 63rd Annual FSMS Conference was held August 15th-18th, 2018, at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach, FL.

Post-Conference President's Message

     The 63rd Annual FSMS Conference is now behind us, and I hope everyone that attended had as good a time as I did. It was a beautiful four days with great weather and no red tide -- thank God! A lot of work and coordination goes into hosting a conference like this one, and it would be hard for me to thank everyone that volunteered and gave up their personal time to make this year’s event a huge success.

Huge thanks to our host chapter (Tampa Bay Chapter) and all the great sponsors, exhibitors, FSMS staff members, seminar presenters, event participants, TradeWinds Resort staff, supporting members, and conference attendees. The enthusiasm and love for our profession here in Florida made this conference an enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

I want to thank Don and Christine Wilson for joining us this year all the way from New Hampshire. Our conference slogan this year was “Footprints Behind, Horizons Ahead” -  well, why not have the guy who wrote the book on following footprints (literally) kick off our conference? Don’s seminar on Wednesday started the conference off on the right foot. It was extremely well-attended and a very pertinent topic for all of us in the boundary surveying field. 

Don and his good friend, Professor George Cole, also instructed a Thursday presentation on Land Tenure, and I thank them both for that. Again, nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to say, from two of the top experts in our profession. Speaking of experts - special thanks to my good friend David Melvin for an excellent seminar on elevation certificates, and Todd Boyle and David Schryver for their excellent discussion on Legal Descriptions. I can’t say enough about our volunteer experts who graciously share their knowledge and time to strengthen and guide all of us in their respective fields.

“Horizons Ahead” – we had a fantastic Exhibit Hall this year, thanks in no small part to our supporters and vendors. The latest advancements in technology, hardware and expertise were on display, coming from the best of the best industry leaders. Thank you to Trimble for sponsoring the Exhibitor Reception Thursday night, which set the tone for the excitement and energy throughout the Exhibit Hall on Friday!

The Recognition Banquet and Awards Presentation on Friday night was an uplifting and festive time to celebrate and enjoy ourselves, and to look to the bright future of our Society. I’d like to thank Greg Rieth and Mike Whitling once again for “MC”ing the night, with their ageless humor (and hairstyles). Headliner comedian Les McCurdy brought the laughs to the house (poking fun at everyone, and hopefully not offending anyone) – well almost everyone, except for Conference Chair Tom Brownell. Congrats Tom & Joan again on your 48 years together!

NSPS President-Elect Lisa Van Horn joined us all the way from Wisconsin to help us welcome our first female FSMS President, Dianne Collins. Dianne has great plans for our Society in the coming year, and I know that our excellent Directors and Officers will step up to help her achieve her goals. Dianne has poured her heart and soul into the Society over the years to serve and support all of us in the surveying profession, and we wish her the utmost rewarding and fruitful year ahead as our President.

A BIG thank you to the chapters this year that have raised money for our scholarships, students and PAC. Although you were not recognized at the banquet this year, we did not forget you all as the backbone that makes this organization work! 

The horizon is bright, and the path well lit for the coming year for our Society and the surveying profession, thanks to all of you!

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.” -Reba McEntire

Bob Strayer, Jr.


2018 Conference Chapter Donations

Thank you to the following chapters for their generous donations at conference!

$1000 (FSMS S.F.)
$500 (CFNF)
$500 (FSMPAC)

Indian River
$500 (FSMPAC)

$1000 (FSMS S.F.)
$2000 (CFNF)
$1000 (FSMPAC)

$1000 (FSMS S.F.)
$100 (CFNF)

North Central Florida
$500 (CFNF)

$2000 (FSMS S.F.)
$2000 (FSMPAC)
Space Coast
$300 (FSMS S.F.)
$300 (CFNF)

Tampa Bay
$1500 (FSMS S.F.)
$500 (FSMS S.F.)
Central Florida
$1000 (CFNF)
$800 (FSMPAC)
FSMS S.F. (Florida Surveying & Mapping Society Scholarship Fund)

CFNF (Community Foundation of North Florida)
FSMPAC (Florida Surveying & Mapping Political Action Committee)