Advancing the Surveying & Mapping Profession for 64 Years

The Florida Surveying & Mapping Society was originally founded in 1955 as the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors.

FSMS was organized in order to represent the surveying and mapping profession in Florida and to aid and contribute to the standards of the profession, for the benefit of both the general public and members of the association. FSMS welcomes individuals from across all geospatial-related fields, including: photogrammetry, imagery, remote sensing, base mapping, cartography, geodesy, geomatics, geographic information, geospatial data, GPS, and GIS/LIS.  

One of our primary goals is to monitor proposed legislation and rule changes that affect the surveying and mapping profession. This is a vital function of our association and one of the many benefits provided to our members, along with frequent communication regarding recent news, advancements, and developments in the profession.

Our Society serves as an invaluable professional network on the local, state, and national level. With 19 local chapters located throughout the state, members have the opportunity to meet and engage with individuals who face the same professional challenges that they do. This aspect of our organization fosters relationships and connections that ultimately enhance both the profession and the Society.

October 2019

A Zoological Datum: How Honey Bees Use
for Mapping and Navigation

The American Surveyor - October 5, 2019

"Human beings and honey bees (and a few closely related bee species) are the only animals on Earth that create maps and use symbolic communication to convey spatial information. To do it, both rely on sensors to measure light, gravity, and electromagnetic fields. One comes naturally equipped while the other relies on manufactured items....."

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