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bout the FSMPAC 

What is FSMPAC?

·         FSMPAC (Florida Surveying & Mapping Political Action Committee) is a non-partisan, non-profit Political Committee formed under Florida law by the Florida Surveying & Mapping Society to support the profession in legislative and political activities.   Without regard to political party affiliation, contributions and support are made to candidates and political parties that understand issues and initiatives important to the profession.


Why do we need a Political Committee?

·         The goal, as envisioned by the FSMS, is to promote the improvement of government by encouraging Surveyors and Mappers to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs and the legislative process.  The more we participate, the more our voice is heard.  FSMPAC helps to facilitate face time with candidates and elected officials and increases awareness of the profession and our concerns.


Why do I need to be involved?

·         Involvement in your PAC is essential to maintaining a dialogue with elected officials and candidates that understand the importance of our profession to the organized development of Florida’s infrastructure as well as the impacts of undue regulation on our practice.  There will always be interest groups that have agendas that run counter to the interests of our profession and given the opportunity, will encroach on our practice.  This reality demands that we remain vigilant and maintain a well-funded PAC to support and defend our interests.  Without your support and input, the PAC cannot effectively complete its mission.  


How does FSMPAC work?

·         Our mission is accomplished by voluntary contributions by concerned Surveyors and Mappers interested in promoting and protecting our profession.  Funds are used to research, select and support the election of candidates who are supportive of our concerns.  FSMS’s professional lobbyist makes recommendations for contributions and final decisions are made by the FSMPAC Chairman and 2 members of the FSMS legislative committee.  The chairman and the committee members are appointed annually, by the 1st of January, by the FSMS President. 


Please note that contributions are voluntary and are not deductible for federal tax purposes.