President's Message

Howard Ehmke is the 2023-24 FSMS President.

February 2024


Dear Members of FSMS,

As we move through the first quarter of the year, I am delighted to share with you some exciting developments and upcoming events within our esteemed society. National Surveyors Week is March 17th-23rd, and Global Surveyors' Day will be celebrated on March 21st. Email all of your proclamations to [email protected] for them to be featured in The Florida Surveyor. In addition, you are all invited to participate in Surveyors Proclamation Week at St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, March 19th, at 9 am.

This time is a crucial period for us as we gear up for our strategic planning session and board meeting April 11-12, at the Austin Cary Forest Campus in Gainesville, FL. The strategic planning session is a pivotal moment where we will collectively lay the groundwork for attainable goals, and is an opportunity to assign tasks that will shape our direction for the coming years. Your active participation and valuable insights during this session will play a crucial role in steering our society towards success. Click Here to reserve your room by March 22nd with our discounted Group Rate.

Looking ahead to the Annual Conference, I am thrilled to highlight three exceptional classes that are sure to attract professionals from various disciplines, offering a unique platform for learning and networking.

Firstly, after a hiatus of two decades, we are reintroducing a class on Riparian Rights. This 6-hour seminar will feature two lawyers, two surveyors, and two representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Another featured class will delve into the vital role of title in government land acquisition. This session will explore various title products available and review recent case studies with solutions on how to move projects forward with distinctive issues.

Lastly, on Saturday, a GIS panel seminar will be offered for our 6-hour course option. This session will focus on the intersection of Surveyors and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It's high time we engage in a meaningful dialogue about our role in the process and identify the key areas that surveyors need to focus on in this ever-evolving landscape.

I encourage each of you to mark your calendars for these upcoming events and actively participate. Your involvement not only enriches your professional knowledge, but also contributes to the collective strength of our society.

Thank you for your continued dedication to the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society. Together, let's make these initiatives a resounding success, driving our society to new heights.

Respectfully submitted.

Howard J. Ehmke

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