2023 Committees


From the FSMS Constitution:
Article VIII Section 1. – Section 3.16
Article V, Section 1.
The President shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees.
Article VI, Section 2.
The Executive Director shall serve as an ex-officio member of all FSMS Committees.

Standing Committees
Article VIII, Section 3

3.1 Nominating Committee

Chair: Rick Pryce 

Members: Lou Campanile, Jr., Shane Christy, Nick DiGruttolo, Al Quickel, Greg Prather, Jose Sanfiel, Mark Sowers, & Eric Stuart. 

3.2 Membership Committee

Chair: Nick DiGruttolo 

Members: Richard Allen, Shane Christy, Donald Stouten, Al Quickel, Alex Parnes, & Earl Soeder. 

3.3 Finance Committee 

Chair: Bon Dewitt

Members: Lou Campanile, Jr., Howard Ehmke, Russell Hyatt, Alex Parnes, Rick Pryce, & Manny Vera. 

Consultants: Steve Csenge

3.4 Ethics Committee

Chair: Shane Christy

Members: Al Quickel, Greg Prather, & Manny Vera.

3.5 Education Committee

Chair: Greg Prather

Members: Lou Campanile, Jr., Bon Dewitt, Howard Ehmke, Sam Hall, Eric Stuart. 

3.6 Constitution & Resolution Advisory Committee 

Chair: Eric Stuart

Members: John Clyatt, Allen Nobles, & Jose Sanfiel.

3.7 Annual Meeting Committee 

Chair: Allen Nobles

Members: Shane Christy, Howard Ehmke, Earl Soeder, Donald Stouten, & host Chapter President. 

3.8 Legal Committee 

Chair: Jack Breed

Members: Lou Campanile, Jr., Nick DiGruttolo, Sam Hall, Rick Pryce, Chad Thurner, & Manny Vera. 

Consultants: Mike Bist & David Daniel.

3.9 Legislative Committee

Chair: Jack Breed

Members: John Clyatt, Don Elder, Sam Hall, Russell Hyatt, Dodie Keith, Leo Mills, Brian Murphy,
Ray Niles, & Chad Thurner. 

Consultants: Mike Bist & David Daniel.

3.10 Florida Surveying and Mapping Council

Chair: Randy Tompkins

Members: Jack Breed (Legal Committee Chair), Bon Dewitt (UF Geomatics), Lou Driber (USGS), Ekaterina Fitos (ASPRS Representative), Russell Hyatt (NSPS Director), Matt Kalus (FACM Representative), Jim Owens (SWFWMD), Denis Riordan (NGS Advisor), David Schryver (FDACS BPSM Appointee), Brett Wood (FDOT), Scott Woolam (FDEP Bureau of Survey and Mapping Chief).

3.11 Strategic Planning Committee 

Chair: Rick Pryce

Members: Jack Breed, Lou Campanile, Jr., Bon Dewitt, Russell Hyatt, Howard Ehmke, & Sam Hall. 

3.12 Executive Committee

Chair: Howard Ehmke 

Members: Lou Campanile, Jr., Bon Dewitt, Sam Hall, Allen Nobles, Rick Pryce, & Robin Petzold

Special Committees
Article VIII, Section 3.14

1. Awards Committee

Chair: Lou Campanile, Jr.

Members: Jack Breed, Don Elder, & Allen Nobles.

2. UF Alumni Membership Recruiting Committee

Chair: Russell Hyatt

Members: Jack Breed, Shane Christy, Nick DiGruttolo, & Eric Stuart. 

3. Professional Practice Committee

Chair: Lou Campanile, Jr.

Members: Nick Digruttolo, Alex Parnes, Greg Prather, Mark Sowers, & Manny Vera, Jr. 

4. Equipment Theft

Chair: Manny Vera, Jr. 

Members: Richard Allen, Rick Pryce, & Jose Sanfiel.

5. Workforce Development Committee

Chair: Allen Nobles
Vice-Chair: Lou Campanile, Jr.
Ex Officio: Howard Ehmke

Members: Dianne Collins, Bon Dewitt, Nick Digruttolo, Sam Hall, David & Russell Hyatt, Brian Murphy, Ray Niles, Rick Pryce, and Chad Thurner. 

Article VIII, Section 3.12

1. CST Program - Alex Jenkins

2. FDACS BPSM - Don Elder

3. Surveyors in Government - Richard Allen

4. Academic Advisory - Bon Dewitt, Jim Sullivan, & Nick DiGruttolo.

5. FES - Lou Campanile, Jr.

Practice Sections
Article XII, Section 1

1. Geospatial Users Group (GUG)

President: Earl Soeder

Vice President: Randy Tompkins

Treasurer: Rebecca Porter

Secretary: Richard Allen